Oct 2 - Oct 4

Rosh Hashanah Cards, Rosh Hashanah Ecards

  •   Dussehra card
  •   Fun Thanks Card
  •   A warm card just for you loved ones!
  •   A warm Thank you
  •   You're the Sweetest thing of my life!
  •   A warm Dussehra ecard filled with divine blessings!
  •   Dussehra Ecard
  •   Yom Kippur Ecard
  •   Let your sweetheart know the strength of togetherness on Sweetest Day!
  •   A funny Boss's Day Riddle!
  •   A romantic sweetest day ecard.
  •   Yom Kippur Ecard

  •   Gandhi Jayanti
  •   Gandhi Jayanti
  •   Oktoberfest 2009
  •   Thinking of you sweetest day ecard.
  •   A cute friendship ecard.
  •   Sweetest Day hug
  •   Yom Kippur Ecard
  •   Dussehra thank you card.
  •   Sweetest flavors of Happiness!
  •   A warm ecard for all your friends!
  •   Birthday- Dusshera Ecard
  •   A warm ecard for your loved ones

Just Like That
Drop a Hi/ Hello/ Good Morning/ Good Night or a general wish with the collection of Just Like ...

Love makes life beautiful and if you have been struck by cupid then heres a collection of love ...

Send your warm Congratulations to your friends/ dear ones and be a part of their celebration ...

Thank You
Send your warm thank you to the people and your dear ones who have made your day a special one ...

Wedding 'N Anniversary
Wedding or Anniversary of your loved ones! Now that's a very specal day to celebrate. Here's a ...

Season's Greetings
Seasons Greetings, a collection of ecards where you can send your dear ones the warm seasonal ...

Send you favorite stars, movie ecards and animated ecards and make your day special.

Corporate Cards
A collection of animated and warm corporate ecards and business corporate cards to send to your ...

Birthday Printable Cards, Free Birthday Printable Cards

Congratulations Printable Cards, Free Printable Congratulations Cards

Friendship Printable Cards, Free Pintable Friendship Cards

Love Printable, Free Love Printables

Get Well Soon
Get well soon printable cards, get well soon printable ecards

Just Like That
Printable Just Like That Cards, Printable Just Like That eCards

Printable Wedding Cards, Printable Wedding eCards

Thank You
Printable Thank You Cards, Printable Thank You eCards

Fourth Of July
Fourth Of July Invitations, Fourth Of July Invites

Graduation Invitation
Graduation Invitation

Baby Shower
Animated Baby Shower Invitation Cards and Baby Shower Invites.

Free animated BBQ Invite, Christmas BBQ invitation, Birthday BBQ Invitations.

Birthday Invitation
Birthday Invitation Cards, Birthday Invites, Birthday Party Invitations

Cocktail Party
Cocktail Party Invitation Cards

Dinner/ Lunch/ Brunch
Dinner/ Lunch/ Brunch Invitation Cards

Girls Night
Girls Night Invitation Cards, Girls Night Party Invites

Guys Night
Guys Night Invitation Cards, Bachelorette Party Invitations

Pool Party
Pool Party Invitations, Pool Party Invites, Pool Party Invitation Cards

Christmas Invitations
Christmas Invitations Cards, Christmas Party Invitations, Christmas Invites

Wedding And Anniversary
Wedding Invitation Cards, Anniversary Invitations

popular upcoming event

  • Oct
  • 2

Rosh Hashanah(Oct  2 to Oct  4)

Rosh Hashanah ecards are the best way to celebrate the beginning of ...

  • Oct
  • 11


Dussehra a day to celebrate the victory of good over evil and also to ...

  • Oct
  • 31


It's Halloween again! A time to celebrate the scary night with lots of ...


latest upcoming event

  • Oct
  • 1

Oktoberfest(Sep  17 to Oct  3)

Celebrate Oktoberfest with lots of happy hours, food, fun and warm ...

  • Oct
  • 1

Navratri(Oct  1 to Oct  9)

It's Navratri a season of raas, dandia and fun. So celebrate the ...

  • Oct
  • 2

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti

  • Oct
  • 7

Durga Puja(Oct  7 to Oct  11)

Shrod Shubhechchha! Send your dear ones/ friends/ family members/ dear ...

  • Oct
  • 10

Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is here! So send your warm thanks to all your ...

  • Oct
  • 11

Yom Kippur

Send your warm Yom Kippur wishes to your loved ones from our ...

  • Oct
  • 15

Sweetest Day

It's Sweetest Day! A day to cheer up your special someone with loads ...


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