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Kiss And Makeup Day (25 Aug)

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    Kiss and Makeup
  • view: 2663
    A Confession
  • view: 3729
    Kissing Part Of Celebration
  • view: 27821
    I Am Sorry

It's Kiss And Makeup Day. So if you had a fight with your sweetheart this is just the right day to make up. Give him/ her a love kiss and make up all your fights and anger. Here's a collection of animated kiss and makeup day ecards that will surely do some magic for you.

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Just Because Day (27 Aug)

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    Friend Like You
  • view: 2178
    Special Card
  • view: 2321
    Madly Deeply…
  • view: 9285
    A Rose

It's no special day nor a special reason, just an idea to make your dear ones smile when they see your card in their mailbox. So today gift your dear ones a smile just like that and make there Just Because Day a special one.

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Independence Day (Uzbekistan) (1 Sep)

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    Pride And Happiness
  • view: 3644
    Happy Independence Day

It's Independence Day Of Uzbekistan, so celebrate the joy and happiness of freedom with your dear ones with our ecards and cards on independence day. All our Independence Day Uzbekistan cards are free.

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Independence Day (Vietnam) (2 Sep)

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    Independence Day (Vietnam)
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    Independence Day (Vietnam)
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    Independence Day (Vietnam)
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    Independence Day (Vietnam)

It's the Independence Day Of Vietnam! What can be more joyful than regaining freedom after a long fight and termoil. So share the joy with your dear ones with our collection of ecards and cards on the Independence Day of Vietnam.

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Festival Of Roses (CA) (4 Sep)

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    Festival of Roses (CA)
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    Festival of Roses (CA)
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    Thanks Friend

A collection of beautiful rose cards and ecards for your friends, family and sweetheart to wish them a happy Festival Of Roses.

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