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    God's Blessings
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    The Lord!
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    Lent Fast…
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    Courage And Eternal Happiness…

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About Lent

Lent is one such liturgical season for Christians where through prayers, penance and charity they enhance their endurance, overcome the vices and the sins. The meaning of Lent is very deep and spiritual and a way of connecting to the Lord. The history of Lent related to the Biblical reference in which Jesus spent forty days in the desert, fasted and overcame all temptations so as tradition goes all Christians fast for forty days during lent. Therefore Lent is a fasting season lasting for forty days before Easter observed by Catholics. Lent begins on the Ash Wednesday the day after the Pancake Day and concludes on the Holy Saturday, therefore the Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras as it is called in France in the Tuesday that marks the beginning of Lent according to the Christian calendar. So reach out to all your loved ones on Lent and send them your warm and religious wishes with our lent cards. All our lent greeting cards are free!

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