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Tamil New Year (14 Apr)

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    Tamil New Year
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    Tamil New Year
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    The New Year Brings…
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    Lots Of Prosperity…

Its New Year in Tamil Nadu! So send your heartfelt wishes to all your Tamil friends and dear ones living in Tamil Nadu with our collection of animated/ fun/ traditional Tamil New Year Cards And Tamil New Year eCards

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Passover (22 Apr)

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    Passover Filled With…
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    May your Pesach…

Celebrate Passover with your dear ones with the above collection of animated/ warm passover ecards and passover cards.

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Administrative Professionals Day (27 Apr)

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    Administrative Professionals Day
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    Administrative Professionals Day
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    Administrative Professionals Day
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    In Front Of Every Good Office…

Imagine your office without that super human who we call Administrative Professionals!! Well they surely deserve atleast our thanks for doing such wonderful job and for keeping the office running in a correct way. Here is a collection of some funny/ warm/ animated Administrative Professionals Day Cards and Administrative Professionals Day Ecards to wish that super human a Happy Admin Pro Day!

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Graduation (1 May)

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    A Homerun
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    I Knew
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    I Always Knew
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    Time To Party

Congraulate the fresh graduates with our warm, funny, cute graduation ecards and cards. We have a collection of graduation ecards for the college graduate, school graduates and even university graduates.

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May Day (1 May)

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    Thank You!
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    Fresh Blooms...
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    May Day Basket…
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    Sunshine To Celebrate Spring Time…

A collection of free animated may day cards and may day ecards with may flowers, may pole pictures, may day parade to your loved ones and wish them a may day and spring full of happiness.

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