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Fathers Day (19 Jun)

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    Biggest Fan
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    Happy Fathers Day
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    Thanks Dad!
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    Key Features

Wish your father/ daddy a happy fathers day with some cute animated father's day cards and father's day ecards. Surprise him by sending the special father's day gift and make your father's, father's day all the more special.

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Canada Day (1 Jul)

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    Thank You
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    Sparkling Canada Day
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    A Friend Like You…

It's Canada Day! So wish all your friends and loved ones a happy Canada Day and share the pride and happiness which the country has given us! All our Canada Day Cards and Canada Day Ecards are free!

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Fourth of July (4 Jul)

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    Happy Moments
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    Parade Of Wishes
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    It's Home Again...
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    Happy 4th Of July

It's Fourth Of July a day to celebrate American Independence. So celebrate Fourth of July with our free animated fourth of july cards and fourth of july ecards with lots of fourth of july fireworks, fourth of july images and fourth of july wishes.

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Eid-Ul-Fitr (5 Jul)

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    thank you
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    Thank You!
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    True Friend
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    Eid mubarakh

Celebrate and rejoice in the graces of Allah with our warm and animated Eid ul-Fitr ecards and Eid ul-Fitr Crads.

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Bastille Day (14 Jul)

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    Happy Bastille Day!
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    Joyeux jour de la Bastille

Celebrate the joy and happiness of the Independence Day of France with our collection of animated ecards and cards on Bastille Day.

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