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Advent (29 Nov)

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    Advent Prayer
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    Miracle Like You
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    Love And Blessings
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    Advent Wish

It's Advent a season to celebrate the birth of the lord. So fill your home and heart with peace and happiness as you light up the candles on the wreath and say prayers. Reach out to your friends, family members and the people close to you with meme4u Advent cards!

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Hanukkah (6 Dec)

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    Our Home To Yours!
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    Hanukkah Blessings!
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    Hanukkah Gift

Celebrate Hanukkah/ Chanukkah the Jewish festival with our warm animated Hanukkah Ecards and Hanukkah Cards. Make their Hanukkah a special one by sending them your warm wishes with our ecards with hanukkah latkes, hanukkah menorah.

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Christmas Holiday (24 Dec)

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    Gift In Stockings
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    Heart And Soul
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    Christmas Holiday Surprise
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    A Little Holiday Wish

Hey It's Christmas Holiday! A season to be merry and celebrate the birth of The Lord! Christmas Holiday is a time to share lots of wonderful happy moments with friends and family! So here is a collection of some animated christmas ecards and christmas cards that will make your dear ones Christmas all the more Merry and special!

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Christmas (25 Dec)

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    Santa fun
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    Merry Christmas
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    Loads Of Fun
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    Merry Christmas

It's Christmas! Time for christmas gifts, christmas wishes, snowman, santa clause and lots of fun. So go ahead add on to the christmas festival by sending your friends/ colleagues/ clients/ business partners/ family members some warm christmas greetings filled with your warm wishes.

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Kwanzaa (26 Dec)

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    Kwanzaa Surprise
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    Kwanzaa Celebration
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    Happy Kwanzaa
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    Kwanzaa Wish

Kwanzaa is here! So celebrate the beautiful celebration of togetherness and love with our collection of animated/ warm Kwanzaa ecards and Kwanzaa cards.

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