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Friends and Family

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    Holi Aayi Hai…
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    Brignt Colors!
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    Friend Like You…
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    Holi friends and family

Holi Cards For Friends And Family

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    Bura Na Mano!
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    Drench Me…
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    Kushiya Ho Overflow…
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    Holi Gift…

Holi Fun Cards

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    Colors Of Joy…
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    Holi Hai!!
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    Holi Gift
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    Rang Barse…

Happy Holi Cards

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    Everyday Is Holi…
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    Colors Of Happiness
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    My Heart…
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    Holi love

Holi Love Cards

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Song Card

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    Holi Aayi Hai…
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    Holi Ke Din…
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    Rang Barse...
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    Holi Bhajan

Holi Song

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About Holi

Holi is a Hindu festival, and is also called ‘festival of colors’ The bhangh, crazy dancing and singing on the streets, kavi sammelan, with traditional thandai, the color filled pichkari and balloons are all a part of the festivity. One of the most eagerly awaited festivals of the country is the Holi where there are myriad colors (abir) smeared on everyone’s face and symbolically it is eliminating the caste, color and creed differences and uniting everyone in the spirit of brotherhood. The day is observed each year on the poornmashi (full moon) day of the month phalgun. People exchange gifts, sing holi songs (dhap) and send holi sweets( mithais) and greetings. Here are some free Holi cards for all your relatives and friends. So go ahed send them the holi cards and make their holiday a joyous celebration.

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