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Thank You

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    Saint Patrick's Day
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    Thank You!
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    High On Fun…

Thank You Cards

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    Saint Patrick's Day
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    Lucky Charmer!
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    Where Does Green Beer Come From?
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    Are You A Leprechaun?

Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cards

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    Saint Patrick's Day
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    Saint Patrick's Day
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    Saint Patrick's Day
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    Joy At Home…

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Cards

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Luck o' Irish

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    A pint of cheer…
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    A Lucky Card…
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    Luck O’ Irish Be Yours!
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Luck O' Irish Cards For Free

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About Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day also called the Paddy’s Day or St Paddy’s Day which celebrates one of the patron saints of Ireland; St Patrick’s and is observed on the March 17 each year. This was the day when the great Irish saint died and is celebrated today to not only remember the saint but also all the people who have settled away from the country. It is a big day for celebrations not only in Ireland but across the world among Irish settlers. The day is a national holiday in Ireland and is time for annual feast. The celebration is marked by wearing green, having pint (green beer), shamrock, saint patricks day parade, saint patricks day party, and other saint patrick’s day activities. Sending ecards and animated greeting cards to loved ones has also become very popular on this day. Here are some cute and funny saint patricks day cards that will make your loved ones St. Patrick’s Day a memorable one!

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