About Us

Meme4u (my emotions my expressions) is a revolutionary online greetings website through which you can share your emotions, your expressions, and greet your loved ones with a difference! Meme4u.com helps you say more and give more to the special people in your life. Our web site, www.meme4u.com, provides ecards that allow you to strengthen friendships, commemorate milestones, celebrate holidays, or simply share a laugh!

We believe that every card should have that extra zinc which will reflect your emotions and your expressions perfectly to your loved ones. Thatís why we have ecards which are rich in graphic, animations and music. Our employees are personally passionate about creativity, quality and innovation, values that have guided us from the start and remain at our core.


The Mascot:

Meme, our mascot, is a sweet, bubbly, naughty imaginary character who has the magic of bringing love and happiness into everyoneís lives. Winning hearts with her innocence and happy go lucky attitude, Meme spreads the message of expressing your emotions to your loved ones. Whether you have just had a fight with your girlfriend or if you are missing your loved ones who are far from you, Meme with her magical wand is here to bridge the distances! With Meme anything is possible!


Why Meme4u?

At meme4u we give our visitors and customers the top priority. And thatís why we strongly:

  • Offer Cards For All Ages Groups
  • Do Not Sell Or Share Your Emails
  • Keep It Pop Up Free
  • No Offensive Advertisements
  • Itís Faster
  • Easy Navigation Through Pages
  • User Friendly Interface


Meme Facts:

Company Name: Meme Interactive Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Kolkata, India

Web Site: www.meme4u.com

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