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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q1) What’s new in this site?

Ans: is a revolutionary ecard site made with a vision to offer ecards for every mood and occasions. The most special feature in this site is that after registering in the site you can enjoy many facilities like :

  • Get Reminders and Alerts via mail
  • Earn while sending card (Click on the link to know more:
  • Store your favorite cards, sent cards and received cards
  • Personalize you my page as per your choice
  • Add all your contacts into one address book with just one click!

Q2) Can I submit my own writings and images or music for the site’s user?

Ans: Yes you can submit your original artwork, music or writing to us by email. Your artwork will be displayed on site once it clears all the quality control steps. Due credit will be given to the original owner of the artwork. *Your artwork should not contain any obscene visual, word or music piece and it should match our product (ecards, wallpapers and downloads)

Q3) Why wont my e-card load? All I see is the white space!

Ans) If you are having problems viewing your ecard, the problem may be temporary. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If you're still unable to view the ecard, the following information may help.

Browser Cache:
Your browser's cache stores information about the web pages you've visited. Clearing your cache regularly frees up disk space on your computer, increases the computer's performance and rids your computer of any corrupted files.
Follow the instructions in your browser's Help section for clearing the cache. Once the cache has been cleared, close your browser window and re-open it.

* Netscape users should look under Preferences, or for some versions of Netscape holding down the shift key and clicking the reload icon in the navigation toolbar will clear cache.
* Internet Explorer users should look under Internet Options or for some versions of Internet Explorer, holding down the shift key and clicking the refresh icon in the navigation toolbar will clear cache.

Corporate Firewall:
If you are at work, your company's firewall may prevent you from viewing our ecards. Check with your company's network administrator to find out if this is the case.

Macromedia Flash

Our animated ecards are created using Macromedia's Flash software. In order to view them, you need the most current version of Macromedia's Flash Player. To download the most recent version of Macromedia Flash, please click here.

If you choose to save the download rather than launching it automatically, it won't install until you double click the icon from wherever you save it.

E-Mail-Only Service

You need full internet access in order to view an ecard. Not all computer systems can view our ecard. "E-mail only" services such as WebTV and some types of Juno/NetZero service may not be able to display ecards.

Q4) Why does the card take time to play after hitting the play button?

Ans: Sometimes the ecard you are viewing might take time to get fully downloaded. Hence you see a blank white space or few portions of card. This also depends upon the speed of the internet one has. Under such conditions please wait for few seconds. Once the card gets downloaded fully it will play.

Q5) Why few links in the site are not working?

Ans: There are few sections in the site which are still under construction and hence their links are inactive. We will be starting those sections soon.

Q6) Is there a limit to the number of cards I can send?

Ans: No, there is no limit to the number of ecards you can send. Whether it is a single Birthday card for your spouse, a string of congratulatory messages for your bowling club or festive greetings for your entire community - all ecards are FREE and you can send as many as you want.

Q7) Can my computer receive a virus from your ecards?

Ans: No, you won't receive any virus from our ecards.

A Virus is a computer program or a piece of code that gets loaded and runs in your machine without your knowledge. ecards are web pages that can be accessed from our online servers and can be viewed with your Internet browser. Our e-mail notifications are text-only messages with a hypertext link to your ecard, and do not contain attachments nor you have to download any software to view our ecards. Hence you won't receive any virus from our ecards.

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