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    The Divine Blessing…
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    Baisakhi Dia Lakh Lakh Vadiya!
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    Colors Of Baisakhi
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    Wahe Guru Showers…
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    Balle Balle…

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About Baisakhi

It's Baisakhi! The famous harvest festival of Punjab. It’s a time for lots of Bhangra, gidda and some prayers in Guru Dura. Vaisakhi is celebrated with lots of pomp and show specially in Punjab. Baisakhi melas are held in various areas of Punjab. Every where the punjabi music is heard. People even do bon fire during night and greet each other saying Happy Baisakhi. Here are some animated free baisakhi ecards for your near and dear ones. So this Vaisakhi if you are far away from them send them your heartfelt wishes with our free baisakhi cards.

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