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    Angel's Gift
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    Angel Like You
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    Blessed Christmas!
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    Who is dearest?
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    True Angel
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    Angels Sing
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    Presence Of Angels
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    You are Special!

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About Angels


Christmas Angels are one of the most popular forms of angels used across the globe. Angels means “Messenger” or a “Good Soul” sent by God. The Bible say that Messengers sent by God are Angels! It further says that nine rank of Angels are there and all are headed by a chief angel known as an Archangel whose name is Saint Michael.

The modern imagination of angels is the one with human body and wings and a halo. The wings are the sign of purity and good soul. It is believed that when someone does a good deed his/ her guardian angel becomes happy.

We all have our guardian angels who protect us, take care of us and comfort us in times of distress. It was in 1100 to 1200 AD when Christian doctrine about angels evolved rapidly, like in the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Saint Thomas strongly believed that angels bridge the gap between the Lord and humans; Angels are immortal and have perfect knowledge except things that can depend on human choice and things that only God knows.

In Christmas also angels play an important part. The legend says that when Jesus was about to be born an Angel called Gabriel, brought the news to Mother Marry that God has chosen her to give birth to his son. Another angel informed Joseph that he should marry Mary and look after the Christ. According to a legend, God appointed a small group of tiny angels, who were just learning their angel ways, to watch over Joseph and Mary on their journey to Bethlehem. Tiny angels did all they could and tried to do their best but could not help the couple to find shelter in the inn in the over-crowded town. Finally, they had to make do with the inn's stable. All the angels above came near the earth to witness the birth of the Lord and finally when the Lord was born they all sang sweetly and their voice echoed the entire Earth and Heaven. A famous carol is also written on this incident which is “Hark the herald Angels sing the glory of the new born king…!”

Indeed in modern times Christmas decoration and Christmas carols are incomplete without there name and presence. Christmas Angel decoration is one of the most popular Christmas decoration ornaments. Various form of Christmas Angels like singing angels; dancing angels etc are available in the malls and shops to make your Christmas Tree Decoration more beautiful.

Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and the many wonders of that first holy night. Reach out to your friends/ family/ acquaintances/ near and dear ones on this joyous and holy occasion with our beautiful Christmas Angels ecards. Wish them a wonderful Christmas with these angel of Christmas, Christmas angels ornaments and angel Christmas cards. Here you will find a collection of angel images with warm and blessed Christmas greetings and also Christmas angel decoration, Christmas angel ornament and animated Christmas angels. Send Free Online Christmas Angel Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. ALL Angel Christmas Cards are absolutely FREE!!!


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