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    Blessed Shavuot
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    First Fruit
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    Beautiful Moments
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    Words Of Torah

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About Shavuot

Shavuot is a Jewish festival which is also called, Festival of Weeks/ Festival of Reaping and Day of the First Fruits. It is the day when the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai received the Torah from the God.
Shavuot is the second of the three major festivals of Jewish, occurring exactly five days after Passover.
Besides its significance as the day on which the Torah was given by God to the Jewish nation at Mount Sinai, Shavuot is also connected to the season of the grain harvest.
The modern observances includes not only the torah reading and having traditional food like milk and cheese, people also wish each other with ecards and greeting cards.
Here are some Shavuot ecards and Shavuot cards for your loved ones.

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