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    Congratulations To A Perfect Couple!
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    Heartfelt Congratulations!
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    Made For Each Other!

Congratulate the couple who have jus married and double up their joy and happiness with your warm wishes. Here's a collection of animated/ warm congratulations ecards and congratulations cards to shower the newly wed couple with your love.

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Someone has just got engaged or Wanna make an engagement announcement? Here's a collection of engagement cards, engagement ecards and online engagement cards to send your warm wishes to the one who has just got engaged. Here you will also find ecards and messages to announce to your dear ones that you have got engaged.

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Just Married

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Just Married! Send your warm wishes to the newly wed couples with our collection of just married cards and just married ecards.

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Marriage Proposal

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    Marriage Proposal
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    Marriage Proposal
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    Marriage Proposal
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    Marriage Proposal

A collection of cute/ animated/ funny marriage proposal ecards and marriage proposal cards to ask that special question that will change your life forever!

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Wedding Wishes

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A collection of wedding wishes ecards and wedding wishes cards to send your heartfelt congratulations to the just married couple. Make their special day all the more special with our collection of Wedding Wishes Greeting Cards.

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About Wedding

Wedding Day is the most special day. It’s a day when ones heart not only beats faster but is also the happiest one on earth. So celebrate the most happiest day of your loved ones with our warm/ funny/ animated/ heartfelt wedding cards. And if you waana make a wedding announcement, or propose your sweetheart then we have wedding ecards for that too. Send free online Wedding Greeting Cards. All are Wedding Ecards are absolutely free!

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