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About Cow Chip Day

Cow Chip Day…Are you thinking whats that then here is a surprise for you! Cow Chip Day is a famous fast growing sport of Beaver, Oklahoma. In this sport the cow chip is tossed by the competitors and the one who throws the longest distance becomes the winner. Now as for the history of the event, it is said that the people who first settled in the plains of Beaver, faced many natural calamities like lack of water, timber for fuel etc and red Indians. But the determination to survive was so strong that they discovered that a cow chip is a good source of fuel and can be used to cook food and as a room heaters. When dried the cow chips became odorless, burnt with a clean bright flame with intense heat, without shoot. Hence chips were gathered and stored specially for the winters. In 1970 tossing chip became a sport in Cimmarron Territory, in Beaver, Oklahoma. So come lets join this fun event with meme4u cool and funny cards and ecards on cow chip day. All our Cow Chip Day cards are free.

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