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First Thanksgiving

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    First thanksgiving
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    First Thanksgiving
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    Little Bundle Of Joy
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    Happiness All Around

First Thanksgiving are always special. So here's a collection of ecards on thanksgiving to wish the family member or dear one who is celebration his/ her first thanksgiving. Make your dear ones First Thanksgiving all the more special with our collection of Thanksgiving ecards for new baby, daughter in law, son in law, sister in law, wife, husband, step mom or step dad.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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    Remembering You
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    Thanks To You
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    Special Thanksgiving Gift
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    Turkeyed With Fun

It's Thanksgiving a time to celebrate all the joys and happiness we have got. Thanksgiving is a time to say thank you to the wonderful people who have made our life so beautiful. So here is a collection of warm/ animated ecard on Canadian Thanksgiving to wish your dear ones a Happy Thanksgiving. Make them smile with your wishes with some beautiful animated Happy Thanksgiving Cards.

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Thank You

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    Thank you
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    So Wonderful
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    Thank You

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect ones blessings. So here's a collection of ecards and card to say thank you to those who have been an important part of your life or have sent you their wishes on thanksgiving.

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Turkey Fun

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    Special Escape
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    Thanksgiving Riddle
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    Thanksgiving Game
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    Turkey Dance

Turkeys are an important part of the thanksgiving. Infact what would be the celebration without the turkey fun. Here's a collection of funny thanksgiving ecards to make your dear ones go LOL on thanksgiving.

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About Canadian Thanksgiving

It is thanksgiving time in Canada!! Thanking all for the wonderful harvest, Canadian Thanksgiving is the time for feasting and spending time with the family.
Canadian Thanksgiving or popularly known as Thanksgiving is a time of fun and togetherness. Here are some interesting facts about Canadian Thanksgiving.

The Origin or The History:
The history of Canadian Thanksgiving dates back to the year 1578 when the English explorer, Martin Frobisher settled in North America’s Newfoundland after the unsuccessful attempt of finding the passage to the orient. He celebrated thanksgiving to thank God for his survival.
Some years later when French explorers arrived in Canada they held a huge feast for thanks. They even formed 'The Order of Good Cheer' and shared food with their First Nations neighbors.
After the American Revolution refugees who remained loyal to the Great Britain, moved to Canada and brought the culture of Thanksgiving with them.
After this it was only in 1872 thanksgiving was celebrated in Canada to celebrate the recovery of Prince of Wales from his serious illness. Then from the year 1879 it is celebrated annually. The theme of thanksgiving changed every year, later it was celebrated to thank Gods for the good harvests.

Giving Thanks:
Although Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on every second Monday of October, but thanksgiving feasts can be held anytime during the weekend. It is a time for families to gather, churches to be decorated, outdoor plans being made and everyone gets into the mood of festivity. The churches are decorated with cornucopias, corns, pumpkins and other harvest bounties. The entire weekend is the time for families to plan getaways. Hence the entire environment is full of merriment and laughter and to meet their relatives. Since the day is so special programmes are held across the Canada on Thanksgiving, The special one is that of The Canadian Football League, which holds a nationally televised doubleheader known as the "Thanksgiving Day Classic.”

Canadian Thanksgiving Vacation:
Thanksgiving in Canada is a time for family Holidays. If it is on Monday the grand feast can be held anytime during the weekend, and so lots of travelling across the country takes place by road and air. People travel to meet their family that is they return to their home town for the celebration. So if you are planning for a vacation too do not forget to book your tickets much in advance. If you are planning a journey by road make sure to get your car fully serviced. Some offices and school are closed for this festival. Watching the autumn leaves with your sweetheart or having some fun with family members are some moments which is always awaited by the Canadians. Just like the United States Thanksgiving Day, Canada’s top professional league, the Canadian Football League, holds the ‘Thanksgiving Day Classic’ This is telecasted as a special programme throughout the Canada.

Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner:
The Thanksgiving Dinner symbolizes the beautiful tradition of family harmony and togetherness. Infact the thanksgiving dinner is the main attraction of the celebration. Elaborate menu is prepared and the dinner is enjoyed with the entire family, together.  Hey! But do you know that the traditional thanksgiving table or the thanksgiving celebrated by the pilgrims and Native Americans never had that tough, hard to catch turkey in the menu. It was eventually added in the menu and has become one of the most essentials items on the menu. Today no matter how the Turkey is cooked with stuffings or gravy it remains the favorite of all. The ad on items on Thanksgiving dinner menu are pies, mashed potatoes, exotic vegetables etc.

The Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration:
Thanksgiving is not just the time for merrymaking it is also the time to reflect, see the goodness in life and acknowledge it and thank God for giving us the beautiful life around us. It is a time for thanking others for their goodness and be appreciative of it too. On Canadian Thanksgiving food plays a important part. Special Thanksgiving menu and table is prepared to make the Thanksgiving celebration more special. With the time the celebration has added many new ways to wish and send thank you. The most popular is to give out thanksgiving greeting cards, thanksgiving e cards and thanksgiving gifts and exchange pleasantries on this day to give their heartiest and warm wishes for happiness and prosperity on thanksgiving.
Here’s a collection of some warm/ animated/ funny Canadian Thanksgiving Cards to send your loved ones your and wish them Happy thanksgiving and like the good harvest there may be tremendous growth in their lives as well.

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