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Halloween Costumes

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    Halloween Costumes Collection
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    Choose Your Halloween Costume.
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    Halloween Friends
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    Perfect Halloween Costumes

Have you ever wondered what a Halloween fun will be without the Halloween costumes! So here's a collection of some funny Halloween Costume cards and Halloween Costume ecards to make the Halloween of your dear ones complete.

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Halloween Parties

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    Haunted House
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    Spine Chilling Fun
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    Halloween Sprit
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    A Friend Like Me

Halloween without a party is certainly not complete! So here's a collection of some fun filled foot tapping party ecards and Halloween Party cards to wish your dear ones a hell of a good time.

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Happy Halloween

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    Your Thoughts!
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    Purfect Halloween!
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    Brewing Up
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    happy halloween

It's Halloween again, so send your Halloween wishes to your friends, family and loved ones and make it a hauntingly happy one! Wish them with our 'Happy Halloween' ecards

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    Haunted Area!
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    Your Dark Side!
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    Haunted House
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    Night of Evil!

A collection of Halloween Horror Ecards, Free Scary Halloween Cards and Animated Halloween Cards to make your dear ones Halloween Night a scary yet fun and happy one. All our Horror Cards and Halloween Horror Greeting Cards are free.

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Jack O' Lantern

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    Happy Halloween!
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    My Witch For You...
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    Spine Chilling Fun!
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    Outshines The Rest...

Jack O' Lantern or Jack O Lantern is and essential part of the Halloween celebration. So here are some warm, animated and interactive ecards with Jack O Lantern images to wish your dear ones a lighted Halloween.

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About Halloween

Halloween a day earmarked by celebrations, costume parties, Halloween games and scary movies and lots more is the eve of the All Hallows’ Day or All Saints Day. This day is believed to be the day when the deceased bring trouble to the living by spreading diseases and destroying crops. Halloween, celebrated on 31st October actually originated in Ireland, but today it is celebrated in most parts of the world with equal enthuse and spirit. On this day people all over the world traditionally carve faces on the pumpkin with candle lit inside; it is one of the most popular and prominent symbols and is more popularly known as the jack-o’-lantern. As the tradition goes people place the carved pumpkin outside the house after dark.

Halloween Costumes:

On Halloween adults and children adorn various eerie halloween costumes, those of witches, skeleton, pirate costumes, zombies, ghosts etc and this is known as trick-o-treating or guising. Some classic adult costumes are the Elvira, Mistress of Dark, Queen of Halloween, seductive vampires and so on. A lot of people also wear Halloween masks of their favorite political stars, movie stars, music icons making style statements on Halloween. People put on these spooky clothes and make-up and masks and decorate their houses like haunted houses and hold costume parties. Wearing Halloween Costumes and moving around is not only a fun part of Halloween, but the tradition has become so popular that it has now become a must to do thing.

Jack O Lantern:

Jack O Lantern is again an important part of Halloween Celebration. Jack O’ Lantern or Jack-o-Lantern is a typically carved hollow pumpkin with a lamp inside it. As the night falls the lamp is lighted and with air when the lamp flickers it gives a spooky feeling. It is all to create an environment of horror and fun. Jack O Lantern is more famous in North America and consists of different expression of a face carved in a pumpkin. The carving of vegetables though was popular in different part of the world but it was not until 1866 the word Jack O’ Lantern got associated with Halloween.

Haunted House And Ghost Stories:

Generally during Halloween there is bonfire, ghost story-telling or watching horror movies in the house. Traditionally it was believed that if a girl sat in a dark room on the Halloween night and gazed at the mirror for long she would be able to see her future husband in the picture and if she was to die young, unmarried she would see a skull in the mirror. This belief is still popular in some parts of the world. Plying Pranks and tricking others is again a fun part of the event. Now a days if haunted house ecards and cards are also available with good horror Halloween music to trick others. Above you will find some of such Halloween cards in the Horror Section.

Halloween Food And Halloween Traditions:

Some of the popular traditional games associated with Halloween are apple bobbing and pucini. These games would ideally tell people how the coming year would be for them and are popular in the Halloween celebrations. The candy apples and Irish barmbrack (light fruit cake) are food items distributed among kids or trick-o-treaters who visit the haunted houses in their scary Halloween costume to wish Happy Halloween. This tradition was introduced in 1950s where the trick-o-treaters would seek donation from houses they would visit and use the contribution for good cause.

Halloween Party:

Halloween is a time not only to wear funky clothes but also to party. Across the country various theme parties and Halloween party are organized. Parties like Halloween Costume Party, Halloween Witch Party etc are typically famous. A month before Halloween lots of Halloween costumes like witch costume, zombie costumes, vampires costumes, costumes for kids and adult are available in the market. Malls are full with people to buy funny, funky costumes.

Halloween Characters:

The two most famous and love characters in Halloween are the Green Witch and the Skeleton. Many famous stories, songs etc are written on the. The magical spell of the witches, their bubbling brews is a special part. Many ladies get themselves dressed as witches and trick and treat their dear or known ones. Skeleton costumes or dressing up like skeleton is a favorite among kids and men. Dancing skeletons and skeleton animations are something loved by the kids. Above too you will find a collection of Halloween Witches and Skeleton in our Halloween ecard collection of Witches section.

Modern Halloween Celebration:

Having Halloween parties, or Halloween costume parties, getting dressed into some funny costumes, and decorating the house with the jack o lanterns are some of the typical part of the Halloween celebration. Now a days people even send each other Halloween wishes by sharing Halloween ecards and Halloween Cards. Many ecard sites are there with offer free Halloween greeting cards. Here also you will find a collection of Halloween Ecards and Halloween card to send your warm, fun wishes to your dear ones. So this Halloween surprise then, trick or treat them in a fun way from our collection of animated free Halloween ecard. Have a Happy Halloween guys!




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