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    Good Friday
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    Glory Of The Lord
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    Good Friday
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    A Good Friday Prayer...
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    Lord Gives You Peace
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    Lord Loving Care…

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About Good Friday

Good Friday or the Holy Friday is the Friday before Easter and is the day of arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As per the scriptures Judas, the disciple of Jesus betrayed him and got him arrested. Thereafter he was taken for the Sanhedrin trial where he was accused of blasphemy and for claiming that he was the ‘son of God.’ In those days the Romans would release one prisoner as requested by the Jews, as a custom during the feast of Passover. The then governor, Pontius Pilate asked the crowd what they would have him to do with Jesus. The crowd asked for crucifying him. On this day no communion is observed. As it is a day of morning the pictures, statues and cross in churches are covered in black. The priest and the choir is in black cassock and the alter candles are extinguished too. The Catholic services for Good Friday include reading passages from the Gospel and observing few minutes of silence and singing hymns. The evening service is called the Service of Darkness, Service of Shadows or Tenebrae which symbolizes the growing darkness in the world caused by the bereavement. Good Friday is the day to experience pain that Jesus did on that day but it also brings in the hope and joy of the Easter, which is the time for celebration. Send out your Good Friday greetings and e cards to your family, friends and associates and welcome Easter with joy.

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