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Happy Groundhog Day

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    Groundhog's Day
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    Ground Hog
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    Groundhog's Day
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    Ground Hog

Hey it's Groundhog Day! So heres a collection of Groundhog Day Cards and Groundhog Day Ecards to wish your dear ones an early spring. So have fun with your dear ones spoting some cute groundhogs! Happy Groundhog Day!

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Thank You

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    Ground Hog

A collection of warm animated Groundhog Day Thank You Cards for your dear ones. So connect to your dear ones this special day and express how happy you are to get their well wishes! Let them know too you care!

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About Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog day! A day when thousands of people gather to see groundhogs popping out of there burrows and breaking their winter sleep. According to the traditional belief it comes out of the hole after checking out its own shadow. It is said that on Groundhog day, the Groundhog or woodchuck comes out of his hole after a long winterís hibernation to look for its shadow. If the Groundhog sees its shadow, it is regarded as an omen of six more weeks of bad weather and thus a lingering winter and returns back to his hole . If the day is cloudy, it is a sign of the arrival of spring and it stays above the ground. So, to celebrate the joyous and warm occasion of Groundhog Day , wish all you know a bright and happy spring time by sending cute Groundhog greeting cards an e- cards to bring a smile on their face

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