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About Independence Day (Pakistan)


August 14, 1947, the end of British rule and the state of Pakistan was formed from the then India. One of the biggest Muslims states of the world, Pakistan celebrates its independence on the 14th August each year. Independence Day also known as Yaum-e-Azadi is a national holiday in Pakistan celebrated by hoisting the national flag all across the country and spending time to remember the freedom fighters who died in the freedom struggle. It was a 14th midnight when the clock struck twelve in the year 1947 that we gained Independence from the clutches of the British but celebrations began an hour early, so celebrated on the 14th every year.


The centre of celebrations is the capital city Islamabad. On this day the Prime Minister and the President deliver speeches which are broadcast live on national television. They talk about the achievements and the future goal to the ‘avaam’ or the public and talk about Quaid-e-Azam to bring unity, faith and discipline to its people. In the morning the roads and the streets are cleaned and then the army marches past. The military gives salute with 38 firings from a shot gun to all those who are a part of the glorious past and to remind the present generation of the glorified and proud past and to remind them that freedom came at a cost and that one and all should respect it.


There is a message for all countrymen, to spread the message of brotherhood and fraternity and live in peace and solidarity. It is a time for children to read about the history and the martyrs and follow their footsteps if need be. When the nation calls they should be ready to give away anything as the country gives them recognition and feeling of belonging. The nation lends its name and identity to each one and it is not just one’s duty or responsibility towards the country but it is doing something for your own self. Independence Day reminds of the past and motivates people to uphold the dignity and pride of the nation high. There is no love greater than love for the country and Independence Day each year infuses that spirit among the countrymen. So do not just think of this day as another national holiday but spread the message of unity and peace to one and all through cards and online ecards.


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