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Happy Raksha Bandhan

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    Tum Jiyo Hazaaro Saal…
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    Beautiful Memories
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    Sweet Moments!
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    Lovely Bond

Wish your brother/ sister/ cousins a Happy Raksha Bandhan by sending them virtual raki cards and warm Raksha Bandhan messages.

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Hindi Cards

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    Direct Dil Se!
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    Shub Rakhi!
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    Rakhi Song!

A collection of traditional Raksha Bandhan ecards with rakhi, rakshabandhab thali, rakhi gifts and warm raksha bandhan messages in Hindi. This Rakhi if you want to wish your dear ones in traditional style then here is a collection of Raksha bandhan Hindi Cards and Raksha bandhan Ecards in Hindi.

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Interactive Cards

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    Your Dream Gift!
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    Interactive Card
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    Special Rakhi Thali
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    Missing You

Miles apart from your brother or sister? Heres a collection of virtual rakhi cards, raksha bandhan thali, raksha bandhan gifts to send to your dear sibling and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with joy.

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Missing You

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    Always In My Thoughts!
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    Old Memories.
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    Happy Rakhi!
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    Growing Together!

Miles apart from your dear siblings? Missing your dear brother or sister! Here's a collection of Raksha Bandhan ecards which will tell your brother/ sister how much you miss him/ her on this rakhi festival.

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Thank You

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    Happy Rakshabandhan
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    Special One
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    General Thanks
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    Your Unconditional Love!

A collection of warm and animated thank you ecards for your dear brother and sisters on the joyous occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

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About Raksha Bandhan

A bond of love and a medal of trust, an oath to protect and stand by your side in the thick and thin of life, this is what a simple thread tied around a man’s wrist says to the girl. Rakhsha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated all over India and is a special day dedicated to celebrate the love and affection of the brother sister relation. Each year in the month of Shravana, the sisters go hunting for that special rakhi, all decorated and beautiful that would look perfect on her brother’s wrist. The sisters very lovingly tie rakhi on their brother’s wrist and in return to the gesture of love, brothers swear to protect her and take care of her all her life. It is a very beautiful and emotional festival for all. This festival is not for blood relations only it is for anyone with whom you share a special bond and have brotherly affection too. Sisters prepare good food and sweets for the brothers and in return get good gifts from their brothers. Married sisters are invited to the brother’s house to tie rakhi. The tradition of this festival is quite old and has various references in Hindu scriptures.

The history of Rakhsha Bandhan dates back to the times of Aryans. When Aryans left for the battlefield, the women would tie sacred thread on their wrists to remind the men of their duty of protecting them and their community. In Mahabharat, Draupadi tore a piece of cloth from her sari to stop the blood from oozing out of Shri Krishna’s hand. To this gesture Lord Krishna promised her to be by her side all the time and would come for her help, when in need and would be there whenever she called. Slowly and gradually this tradition spread in various parts of the country. In various states this day is remembered and celebrated for various reasons. In Maharashtra, this day is celebrated as Nariyal Purnima, where coconuts are offered to the Sea God, Varuna. In the South it is celebrated as Avani Attam. All over the Indian continent rakhi purnima is the day dedicated to Indra, the rain God.

It has been traditionally passed on from generations to generations and is an important part of our celebrations and festivities, most eagerly awaited and happily celebrated. In modern times people exchange greeting cards, gifts, chocolates and various other things. There is a lot of pomp and show element added to the festive spirit and the decorations are elaborate. People send e cards and greetings to give out their warm wishes to add the celebrations. Rakhsha Bandhan epitomizes the unconditional love of the brother and sister and is sacred.


Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is a day to celebrate the unique bond of love between brother and sister. It's a day of blessings and gifts. So this Raksha Bandhan gift your brother or sister beautiful/ warm Rakhi Cards and spread a smile on your brother / sister / cousins / siblings face. Shower your good wishes on them by sending warm Rakhi ecards.

Send Free Online Raksha Bandhan Greeting Cards to your loved ones. ALL Raksha Bandhan Cards are absolutely FREE!


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