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Gudi Padwa (8 Apr)

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    Gudi Padwa
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    New Joy And Cheer!
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    It’s A New Year…
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    Gudi Padwa Is Here…

A collection of animated traditional Gudi Padwa eCards and Gudi Padwa Cards to celebrate the Maharastrian New Year with fun and happiness. Spread the cheer of the new year around with these animated Gudi Padwa Greetings.

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Ugadi (8 Apr)

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Its New Year time for some fun and cheer! So this Ugadi spread the cheer around with this collection of fun/ animated/ traditional Ugadi Cards, Ugadi ecards.

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Baisakhi (13 Apr)

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    The Divine Blessing…
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    Baisakhi Dia Lakh Lakh Vadiya!
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Make the Baisakhi festival all the more fun and special with bhangra, lori and fun all present in the above collection of animated/ traditional/ warm Baisakhi Cards And Baisakhi eCards.

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Bengali New Year (14 Apr)

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    A Warm Wish
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    Nabo Anonde…
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    Bengali New Year
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    Bengali New Year

Shobho Nabo Barso! or Happy New Year ! A collection of Bengali New Year Cards to send your heartfelt wishes to all your dear ones/ family members/ patners and spread the cheer around!

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Malayalam New Year (14 Apr)

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    Malayalam New Year
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    Malayalam New Year
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    Malayalam New Year
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    Happy Vishu

Happy Vishu! Spread the cheer of New Year and your warm wishes too with our collection of animated/ religious/ warm Malayalam New Year Ecards and Malayalam New Year Greetings.

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