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Business Greetings

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    Working With You
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    Success In Everything
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    Friend Like You
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

Send your heartfelt wishes on thanksgiving to your clients/ colleagues/ associates/ co workers with our collection of animated thanksgiving cards and ecards.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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    Plenty Of Joy
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    Thanksgiving Blessings!
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    A Thanksgiving Wish!
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    Red, Orange And Gold

Thanksgiving is here! A time when the enviornment is full of the golden bliss.Thanksgiving a time to say thank you to the God and our neighborhood. Its a time when happiness is present arouns us in bounty and our hert is full of gratitude. So to spread this happiness to your dear ones too here's a collection of Happy Thanksgiving Cards and Happy Thanksgiving Ecards that will tell your dear ones how much happy you are to get them in your life.

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    My Heart…You Belong
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    Thanks For Your Love
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    A Special Thanksgiving Arrangement.
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    My Greatest Blessings

A collection of Love ecards and thanksgiving romantic cards to wish your sweetheart a Thanksgiving full of your love and everything good that’s there in a life. Tell your love how much thankful you are to God to have him/ her in your life this Thanksgiving with our romantic animated collection of Thanksgiving Love Ecards.

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Thank You

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    Double The Joy
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    Thank You For Being You
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    I Feel Lucky !
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    Thank You!

A collection of thank you cards and thank you greetings to send heartfelt thanks to those who have sent you their warm thanksgiving wishes. The collection also has some Thanksgiving Thank You cards to say thank you to those who have made a big difference in your life or have spread joy just by being there always.

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Thanksgiving Fun

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    Thanksgiving Fun
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    Thanksgiving Game
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    Turkied Up With Fun!
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    Delicious Thanksgiving

A collection of some funny Thanksgiving ecards and Thanksgiving cards to make your dear ones smile. Send some funny Thanksgiving Wishes and turkey fun to your dear ones and make their Thanksgiving a special one full of smiles and laughter.

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About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time for celebration of God's beautiful creations... it’s a time when one expresses it's gratitude towards God and say thanks for the Harvest. Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather, churches to be decorated, outdoor plans being made and everyone gets into the mood of festivity. The beautiful Autumn/ Fall season ads up to the beauty of the celebration. The entire environment seems to be blessed with God himself. The churches are decorated with cornucopias, corns, pumpkins and other harvest bounties. The entire weekend is the time for families to plan getaways.

Thanksgiving History:
The origin of the Thanksgiving in United States began in 1621 when American colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts and the Wampanoag Indians shared the first Thanksgiving meal. The tradition has continued till today by in the form of Thanksgiving Dinner shared with our dear ones. Some notable or must items on Thanksgiving are, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, fall vegetables and stuffed Turkey- this is so common that Thanksgiving is sometimes called Turkey Day.

Giving Thanks:
Thanksgiving is not just the time for merrymaking it is also the time to reflect, see the goodness in life and acknowledge it and thank God for giving us the beautiful life around us. The falling maple leaves further make us realize that Life is so beautiful and precious. And it’s so important to cherish Life before it replenishes. Thanksgiving is a time for thanking others for their goodness and be appreciative of it too. People give out thanksgiving greeting cards, e cards and gifts and exchange pleasantries on this day to give their heartiest and warm wishes for happiness and prosperity on thanksgiving. Hence Thanksgiving is a time when lots of thanksgiving cards and thanksgiving greeting cards exchange hands. The cards and thanksgiving wishes are sent not only to one family or friends but even the business patners/ clients etc.

Thanksgiving Dinner:
The Thanksgiving Dinner symbolizes the beautiful tradition of family harmony and togetherness. It’s a day when people travel from far and wide to their home town just to have and celebrate the thanksgiving together. Hey! But do you know that the traditional thanksgiving table or the thanksgiving celebrated by the pilgrims and Native Americans never had that tough, hard to catch turkey in the menu. It was eventually added in the menu and has become one of the most essentials items on the menu. No matter which way it is cooked, this bird with stuffing and gravy on the side is always a main attraction of the Thanksgiving Dinner and keeps increasing the appetites of all those present for the dinner. The other dishes that can be there are:  goose, ducks, hams, sweet potatoes, peas, rice dishes, exotic vegetables, sweet corn etc. All these together makes the Thanksgiving Dinner more tasteful.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving:
It is reported that nearly one third of the population in United States are becoming vegetarian. Thus, if you are a vegetarian then also, there are many delicacies that makes one forget all about the turkey. A vegetarian Thanksgiving meal can equally become as exotic as the non vegetarian one. And even if you are not a vegetarian you might have one of your guests a vegan. So here’s a list of some yummy vegan food which will make your vegan guest equally enthusiastic as the turkey lovers. To start with appetizers French Onion soup, pumpkin soup, rice salad or crudités can be some options. The main course can be of Lasagna, ratatouille, shepherd’s pie, spanakopita, sweet potato gratin, vegetable gratin. While the side dishes can be tried with cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce, red cabbage with cranberries. No dinner is complete without some desserts. Thus apple pie, cranberry tarts, pumpkin cheesecake etc can be some options.

Thanksgiving Vacation:
Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends and hence during Thanksgiving Day families and friends usually gather for a large meal or dinner. Consequently the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. It’s a time when even school and colleges are closed for about four-day or five-day weekend. Most of the offices too give Thanksgiving and day after that as a paid holiday. Thanksgiving Eve, the night before Thanksgiving, is one of the busiest nights of the year for bars and clubs, as many college students and others return to their hometowns to reunite with friends and family.

Thanksgiving Celebrations:
The modern thanksgiving celebration has undergone many changes. Like Christmas, special television programmes get telecasted during this period. Most special programs are transmitted during daytime on Thanksgiving. NBC currently carries the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade nationwide by official license from Macy's; Thanksgiving is solely a family events and hence people travel to their home town during this vacation. Markets are full of sale and special gifts specially for Thanksgiving. Printable Thanksgiving Cards, Thanksgiving Ecards are some of the most exchanged gifts around. Following the tradition here’s a collection of Thanksgiving Cards and Thanksgiving Ecards that you can share with your dear ones for free. So go ahead make your friends and relatives smile with our Thanksgiving Greeting Card.

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