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  • dragon dance card, dragon dance ecard, dragon dance greeting card
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    Dragon Dance
  • moon festival hello ecard, moon festival hello card, moon festival hello greeting card
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  • moon festival love ecard, moon festival love card, moon festival love greeting card
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    Beautiful Love
  • mid autumn featival romantic ecard, mid autumn featival love card, mid autumn featival romantic greeting card
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    Forever Love
  • chinese moon festival cards, chinese moon festival ecards, chinese moon festival greeting cards
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    Good Fortune
  • mid autumn festival cards, mid autumn festival ecard, happy moon festival card
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    Happy Moon Festival

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About Chinese Moon Festival

Moon Festival or the Mid Autumn Festival is one of the main festival of Chinese, just the way Thanksgiving is to the western world. In Malaysia and Singapore, Moon Festival is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival.
The reason why Moon Festival is celebrated has lots of stories, the famous one is that Chang Er the wife of Yi, who helped planets to get rid of 10 suns so that they can be saved from excess of heat, flew to the moon, where she has lived ever since. You might see her dancing on the moon during the Moon Festival.
Moon Festival or the Mid Autumn Festival is also a time for family reunion. With the full moon, the legend, the family and the poems, you can't help thinking that this is really a perfect world. That is why the Chinese are so fond of the Moon Festival. Dragon Dance, burning insence and carrying lighted lanterns are some of it's associated customs.
So if you have any friend in China are celebrating Moon Festival then here's a collection of ecards and cards on Moon Festival to wish your dear ones too a beautiful festival full of smiles and laughter.

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