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About Red Rose Festival

Red Rose Festival is here a time when lots of red roses bloom around the corner and spread the fragnance of love and romance.

Red roses are one of the most popular roses found and is also adapted as a symbol of the blood of the Christian martys. Red rose is even the symbol of Virgin Mary. Not only this Red Rose is even a provincial flower of Yorkshire and Lancashire in England. And Portland, Oregon is named as 'City Of Roses'. Thats the reason why red rose festival is celebrated there with lots of fun, parties, songs etc.

Red Rose when held in hand becomes the symbol of socialism and is used in Britian, Irish, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, and other European lobor parties. But Red Rose are more popular because world wide it is a symbol of love and romance and hence is also a popular valentine gift.

So celebrate the Red Rose Festival with your dear ones, with our free red rose ecards, red rose cards, and red roses pictures.

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