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    Happy Grandparents Day!

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About Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is a holiday celebrated in the on the first Sunday after Labor Day in U.S and Canada and is celebrated on the first Sunday in October in U.K.

With age comes experience and the graying of the hair signifying a generation past, there is much those old eyes have seen and experienced and have to share with the generations coming by. Often these stories are not valued by the new generation and discarded as old and irrelevant but the truth is, as the world is round what has gone past repeats itself so the advices should be much valued. So came the idea of Grandparents’ Day. Grandparents day was first started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade, a house wife in 1978 with the view to honor the Grandparents and to give them opportunity to shower there love on their grandchildren. Slowly the event became a holiday in the entire United States and Canada. For every child there first ideal is his/ her parents. So the grandparents have been the role models of your ideal, they have much to offer about life than parents. Apart from this, it is a universal fact that we all love our parents whichever country you hail from, so that gives you double the reason to love your grandparents; sadly oft that is not the case.

It was Marian McQuade of Fayette County who coined the concept of Grandparents’ Day. The idea was to not just love your parents but also to nurse the bruised hearts of old and lonely grandparents. Every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day we celebrate Grandparents’ Day. Her primary motivation was to take care of the lonely elderly in the nursing homes and to persuade grandchildren to value and love their grandparents. Today this day is celebrated internationally. There are Grandparents’ Day cards and e cards; there are hordes of options to choose from; funny, animated, flash cards, emotional or just personalized cards. Grandchildren also give flowers and gifts or take their grandparents out for a good feast and celebration. This day is especially dedicated to them to give them the love and affection that the miss the most. Different countries celebrate the day on different days. Like in France it is Grand mother and grand father day celebrated on First Sunday in March and October respectively. In U.K it is first Sunday of October.

The real picture of truth is quite saddening. Older parents and grandparents are seen more like a burden than as parents and grandparents anymore. There are more and more of old age homes that are coming up and are becoming the first home for old. Old age comes to all; it will come to you as well. We love our friends and are nice to people we meet, it is strange that we find difficult to love our grandparents.

On this Grandparents’ Day let us all take an oath that we will bring the change, not just write and read about it. Just pick up a card and write your love on paper for your grandparents and see the happiness on their faces which is more precious than any materialistic pleasure in the world. Wishing all Grandparents, Happy Grandparents’ Day.


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