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    Happy Labor Day
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    Missing You
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    A Perfect Weekend
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    Labor Day Celebration
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    Laughter And Fun Time!
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    Fun Filled Labor Day
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    3 Day Off
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    A Toast!
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    Labor Day?
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    A Thank You Card
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    Thank You
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    Sizzling Labor Day!
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    Thank You!
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    Labor Day Weekend!
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    A Great Friend And A Colleague

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About Labor Day

Labor Day or International Worker’s Day is a United States federal holiday, which is observed on every first Monday in September. Labor Day celebration has its origin in Canada as the ‘eight hour movement’ where the laborers enjoyed eight hours of work, eight hours of amusement and eight hours of rest. Labor Day is a holiday celebrated all over the world and resulting from the efforts of the labor union movement representing the significant achievements of the workers. Every year First Monday of September is the Labor Day holiday and is also called International Worker’s Day. Labor Day in the USA typically begins with the Labor Day parade signifying the strength of the workers followed by the Labor Day festivals and shows. Labor Day Fireworks and concerts also form a part of the celebrations and Labor Day activities. Traditionally it is celebrated by every American as the symbolic end of summer and is often regarded as a season of rest and parade.

Labor Day has a lot of relevance as it recognizes the contribution of the workers towards the society and is a way of appreciating it. The trade unions and associations formed for ensuring the well-being and protecting the interest of the workers holds Labor Day events like processions and speeches by the renowned and influential leaders. Over the years the meaning and the objective of the day’s recognition has changed. This day was observed to campaign for the improvement in the position of workers, their rights and to address various social, political and industrial issues affecting workers. However over the years Labor Day jazz has been reduced to marches and to address the trade unions ulterior motives.

Labor Day is observed as a holiday in many countries like US, India, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Australia and many more. In many countries the there is Labor Day weekend celebration undertaken too. Even though the ideas and reasons for celebrating the day have changed dramatically over the years the spirit and enthusiasm with which the Labor Day fairs are held world-wide is commendable and worth appreciating.

So why wait reach out to your friends / family / near ones on Labor Day and make their Labor Day weekend a special one with or warm and funny Labor Day ecards! Above is a collection of Labor Day love cards, Labor Day ecards for friends, Labor Day weekend fun cards and lot more. So go ahead send Free Online Labor Day Cards to your friends and loved ones. All Labor Day cards are absolutely FREE!!



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